10 Minutes With Gordon Graham [Interview]

Do you write white papers? Or are you interested in learning more about this type of project?

I just completed a great interview with the leading expert in that field, Gordon Graham, known as “That White Paper Guy”.

During the interview, he shared some VERY practical tips on crafting a terrific white paper… the kind that gets attention, builds thought leadership, and brings in new leads and sales.

You can listen to it here:

(If you can’t see the PLAYER BUTTON, you may need to activate Adobe Flash on your browser.)

This recording is part of a series of short (10 minute), instructional, “just the good stuff” interviews I’m doing with top pros in the copywriting and marketing writing profession.

Please let me know what you think.

(And if you can recommend someone I should be interviewing for a future edition — you perhaps? — please do so.)



  1. Steve,
    That was a great idea, 10 minutes with. I am very interested in writing white papers and will be doing one for a friend who sells centrifugal filtration systems for diesel fuel, oil and other lubricating fluids. I’m reading everything I can on the subject of white papers and this certainly helps. This particular niche appears to be a good fit for my writing background and abilities. Regards, Joe Schiaffino

    • Sounds like a great project, Joe. Congratuations. By the way, Gordon has a new book out on writing white papers: Writing White Papers for Dummies. I read it. I highly recommend it.

  2. Hi Steve,

    Thank you very much for “10 Minutes With.” It’s so full of very helpful info.

    I am a struggling B2B Copywriter focusing on white papers and case studies. I have yet to find any client and get up with my business, but I’ve been studying these two products out for the last 5 months or so… online and from the books.

    I think I am more afraid than anything to get started with my business for fear of messing up in my white paper/case study writing.

    Funny because with my freelancing with our local papers, I have no fear whatsoever about seeking out more clients, even online. But this is new and…

    I know the only remedy to that is to “just do it!” But it’s really hard for me. I’m even nervous about finding that first client because then that would mean I really have to write that piece.

    I own a copy of Gordon’s new book, “White Papers for Dummies”, and Bob Bly’s “The White Paper Marketing Handbook”, even your book with Pete and Ed- “The Wealthy Freelancer.”

    So, I think I have sufficient support and advice through these books to give me the professional skills and courage needed. But it’s really hard for me.

    Telemarketing is also in my background. And that’s even a piece of cake.

    Anyhow, I cannot wait for the next upload of your program. Please keep them coming.

    Thanks again!

  3. Hi Steve,

    This is a great idea, to summarize nuggets from the best B2B writers in audio form.

    As a product developer, I’ve written plenty of 5-10 page reports, and see those as a segue into white paper writing. So I listened hard to Gordon’s final thoughts on what companies should be looking for in a white paper writer and, from my viewpoint, nuances of style adjustment.

    Lastly, I attest to the thoroughness of Gordon’s ‘White Papers for Dummies’ book. Every aspiring B2B writer needs a copy in their bookcase.


    • Roger, if you’ve written persuasive 5-10 pages reports then writing a white paper won’t be too much of a leap for you. Especially if you’ve also read Gordon’s book.

  4. Steve,
    I love the 10 minute format, an excellent way to include learning new things in a time efficient way.
    Thanks to Gordon for sharing both information & incites. As a journalist I have seen many definitions of white papers, but the sharing in these few minutes helped me to understand them so much more.
    Again, thanks for the sharing from both of you, continue the good work you are doing, and wishing you every success.
    If ever what I do can help you in any way, I’d be so honored to give back to you for what I’ve received.

  5. Steve
    I really enjoyed this format and will be watching for more like it.

    The interview with Gordon was great – full of insights in a nutshell. I have his book (and yours, too!).

    I took your Case Study program (had so much fun learning!) and am now finishing up Secrets of B2B. I appreciate your patience, guidance – and willingness to share your knowledge and experience without any false pretense.

    I am going to be a really good B2B copywriter – thanks to you.




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